Viralcom has been active over 10 years developing solutions for small, mid-large bussinesses and private individuals. Our projects are based aswell domestic as international. With our state of the art insight we deliver optimal results to our clients. Viralcom delivers results on an academical level. Our team works agile and roadmap based. During the whole process we want to keep our clients updated and involved. We communicate with our clients through portals and rapports. We value our clients privacy therefor our golden rule states that we will never share our clients or personalized product information with third-parties.
With us, your product information stays private.
We ask no unnecessary questions and we deliver the product that you want.


Viralcom provides mock-ups, prototypes and final designed graphic user interfaces. Not only do we design graphic user interfaces but we design everything in our projects from scratch. Take a look at our project section.

Software improvement

While some businesses already have the desired software but request some tuning to alter the already existing program, we offer our services to optimalize your existing software application into an improved version. Let us improve your old system into a freshmade product.


Viralcom researches the best options for your project. With our research we give our clients the needed information to start a project or simply to put the stakes on paper.


Viralcom offers consulting services. Sometimes you just need good advice. Our team stands by to give you the best advice possible.

Software development

Viralcom offers a wide range development of android OS applications running on your tablet, smartphone or dekstop. Collaboration and meeting our clients needs is the key to our organization. We look forward to making your idea into a real product.

Tablet app development

Tablet applications are the new easy-go laptops. Every company wants their application available on Google Play to reach potential clients. Become one of them today. Contact us for more information.

Mobile app development

Connecting your business product worldwide through a mobile application. We at Viralcom understand the importance of software. With our expertize we guarantee satisfactory results.

Smart Tv app development

Smart tv's are developing rapidly. Placing your application on your smart tv device may make you the game changer of tomorrow. We are more than happy to give you advice how you can apply this to your own surrounding.


Interactive Dashboard

Every business likes to keep an eye open on their products, stocks and clients. We offer a wide range of own personalized interactive dashboards displaying various measurements realtime, periodic or scheduled. The ID displays and warns our clients when changing events occur giving them a perfect insight on activiteites within their organization. The interactive dashboard comes in desktop, tablet and mobile version. Impress your clients, impress your company. Keep one step ahead of your competitors.

- Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2016
- Gent, Belgium, 2016


On the road formbuddy

For a domestic company we have developed an application that assists the staff with filling out information of the new applicants outside their company's location on a tablet device. By filling in digitally the information it has replaced their paper forms and improved their work speed. The application transfers data to their system which saves them half the time as before.

- Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2017

Sound Classificator

Underwater sound sensor

Environmental sounds can be very disturbing in a certain research field. Our software is developed to help researchers gain optimal results soundbased. With out state of art techniques we were able to delete noise, calculate incoming sound distance and classify sound per object.

- Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2017
- Colorado, United States of America, 2016


Plan & distribute your programme

Event is a custom-built application that helps an individual or an organization to plan and to spread information with other participants. With an intergrated environmental map all the factors like (near-by exits, help posts, police, hospitals, toilets) are brought on the map. With Event it's easy to plan your festival or special event and be sure that everyone is updated.

- Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2015


Simon says...

Giggle is a game developed for mentally disabled children to measure their focus ability. Giggle measures the focus and progress where it's possible to assist detecting a certain age category in mental care facilities.

- Roermond, The Netherlands, 2014


Roomservice, but quicker

Custom-built hotel software that improves contact between the residing guest and hotel staff.

- Manchester, United Kingdom, 2015
- London, United Kingdom, 2016

SNAME 2015 Conference.
SNAME 2016 Conference.
SNAME 2017 Conference.
SOME 2017 Conference.

Viralcom has been focusing on intelligent software for economical underwater smart sonar technology for the last three years. We hope to bring a difference in underwater technology which can save thousands lifes on open water.

Catch us on the SNAME 2017 Conference.