Citylab010: Egg

Viralcom has joined the Citylab010 initiative to provide a safer and greener environment for the city of Rotterdam by combining smart sensor techniques. Stay tuned for more information.

Smart Sensor Fusion (Rapport)

On 31st of December we concluded our research:  Smart Sensor Fusion (prototype). Thanks to Nederland Maritiem Land providing us with the MIIP 2018 we were able to present possibilities given by this prototype and our next steps for this piece … Read More

Smart Sensor Fusion

Smart Sensor Fusion (SSF) staat voor het combineren van smart sensor data waarbij de resultaten gecombineerd minder onzekerheid geven dan een individuele dataset. Het reduceren van onzekerheid geeft meer accurate, complete en betrouwbaarder resultaten. Maritieme systemen zijn uitgerust o.a. met IS,RADAR,LIDAR,GPS en … Read More

RDM Centre of Expertise – Perfect test environment

RDM Centre of Expertise is the place to be if you’re an innovator, business owner or ambitious student. If you need to test your prototype inside or outside,  RDM Centre of Expertise offers all kinds of support for you to … Read More