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I have questions about the Egg!

Do tell us more about this Egg shaped passive listening device.

The Egg is an multipurpose passive acoustic monitoring system with a listening range of approx (max) 900 M.  

The Egg runs on a system called Eggian which is used for underwater sound detection and classification.  The system provides benefits such as:

  •  Detection of drowning
  •  Detection of trespassing 
  •  Speed detection
  •  Animal detection 
  •  Object Activity detection

We love your enthusiasm!
The first product version will be available for purchase late 2021. Please send us an e-mail for pre-orders or early pilot testing. 

Egglet is a badge which produces unique signals underwater. These unique signals can be used by Egg to detect anyone who may be in the water. By using this badge the person increases his survival chances. It also provides divers the possibility to be tracked by acoustics.   

When a person falls in water a unique signal is produced underwater by the Egglet badge. The Egg device is able to identify this signal and  send notifications to the Eggian userpanel. The observer will contact the local authorities for saving operations.

No.  If you only want to be located by the Egg then purchasing an Egglet badge is sufficient. 

If you are a boat owner we advise that you purchase both devices specially if you will be out on sea with more people.  This way you will be able to localize someone if they get lost on sea and you can be located yourself. 

Yes. We also produce child-friendly custom badges with an identification signal specially tuned for children. 

Diver badges  can be purchased with implemented timers. After time runs out the badge will activate itself underwater. 

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